VANESSA : Stage director , events co-ordinator , wedding planner and a lot more

Crew and staff on shows, awards evenings and events

Do you need a ....

Stage manager , assistant stage manager, props manager, lighting technician, lighting board operator, lighting programmer, lighting designer , set dresser, stage crew, follow-spotter, dresser, wardrobe mistress, wigs person.....

Contact us !

Ballet mats , barres and specialised items

Looking to buy Ballet/dance mats

We install and also maintain .

Need your mats scrubbed - I recommend doing this once a year when you rotate your mats.

Need portable ballet barres?

Doing a show and need staff, décor or props?

Added to this we have a rental store of mats , ballet barres and props and décor.

Manufacture , refurbish and repair of scenery and decor

Extensive experience in this field as well as an understanding of the industry - come to us !




We offer a unique catering service for up to approximately 120 guests

Hair dressing and wigs

We offer a wig service 

Book keeping and accounting

Need a theatre minded person to look after your books ?