Vanessa Nicolau

  Vanessa Nicolau, a theatre professional, working as a Technical Director, Production Manager across all the classical art forms.
Versatile and experienced in Ballet, Opera,Orchestra and Musicals as well as Corporates and so much more . 

I started ballet at the age of 5,matriculated at the Pretoria School for Art,Ballet and Music & have worked in professional theatre since 1980, a lifetime within theatre & the arts .

With many years professional experience and always hands-on in any positions  including : assistant stage manager, stage manager, senior stage manager & production manager . Choreography and director. I read music !  I project manage & set up, as well as,co-ordinate functions,weddings and events.

Working with a wide repertoire and with many foreign artists and technical staff. Experienced in management and co-ordination.  Freelancing and Working in South Africa and Overseas. 
The go-to person when it comes to have function set up and displays in shopping centres, co-ordinating and directing fashion shows, and arranging and directing fund raisers.

Business Diploma (with distinction) ,Royal Academy of Dancing credits as well as an ABET diploma.

Services  offered include
Production Management  -  Event planning and Project management  -  Specialised Q - calling to music  -  Technical Co-ordination  -  Stage Management  -  Follow Spot Cue Calling  - Training, Seminars and Guides as stage manager and theatre in general.

Some Highlights 

 Directing and co-ordinating stage productions and events . Working with ballet and opera !

Venue Manager for the Opera stage State Theatre : State Theatre Pretoria departments include Ballet, Opera, Orchestra, Musicals . Positions held included: BALLET: assistant stage manager, stage manager, senior stage manager and production manager. OPERA: deputy stage manager and stage manager,  choreography for some operas and assistant to the directors. Memorable events include working with a wide repertoire, many foreign artists and technical staff as well as stage managing the show on Opera Stage for the Mandela and Mbeki Inauguration concert.

Head of Stage Services at the Joburg Civic Theatre (Short Contract).

Our very theatrical weddings and functions with a flair that cannot be touched - Co-ordinating and designing  the wedding of the daughter of Aesop Pahad at Bryntirion Estate

Hobbies and Passions

Vanessa is a passionate lover of dogs and uses her expertise to co-ordinate the running of dog shows and special events attached to the Canine World.  



Vanessa started ballet at the age of 5 performing in shows and competitions. Trained in classical ballet modern dance, contemporary dance and classical Greek dance. Having matriculated at the Pretoria School for Art Ballet and Music, Vanessa did a basic correspondence in Laban Notation, receiving her RAD Student Teacher’s Diploma & RAD advanced certificate.

Studio Owner

As an owner of a studio she taught ballet to students from age of 5 to 18.


Vanessa performed in several productions for PACT Ballet and danced at the opening of the State Theatre in Pretoria in May 1981.


Choreographed PACT Ballet experimental seasons, for operas and studios.

Production and Stage Manager

Vanessa worked for PACT Ballet, State Theatre Ballet, SA Ballet Theatre, Mzansi Productions and Joburg Ballet as stage manager and production manager. She has also worked with all the visiting foreign ballet companies over the past 35 years.  Internationally she worked for the BNS in Uruguay.  As stage manager, Vanessa worked with major choreographers such as Ronald Hynd, Andre Prokofiev, Ashley Killar, Choo San Goh, Veronica Paeper as well as many visiting producers of ballet from around the world.Her working repertoire ranges from Classical to Contemporary Dance, Musical Theatre and Opera .

             Awards And Bursaries       

Vanessa has received two awards for Excellence in the field of professional ballet   ( State Theatre Award of Excellence and the Giselle Award of Excellence)

As a student Vanessa also received 4 bursaries for ballet and contemporary dance.